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What election strategy’s in the best interest of the Democrats?

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Bernie needs your support

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Outlaw politicians from using the word “trillion” (we have a new way to describe the cost of government proposals)

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Drone Dollar

Around election time, which is continual, politicians throw the word “trillion” around hoping taxpayers haven’t a clue to its meaning.  So when Bernie says his green new deal will cost $16 trillion, he knows the number 16 doesn’t sound too outrageous.  In this case, though, 16 is a very big number.  And not big like I bought 16 whole rotisserie chickens at Costco.  And not even big like, I bought 16 Costco’s.  No.  Much.  Much bigger.

We looked at this carefully in our post from February 10, 2018 where we evaluated the relative size of $20 trillion, our national debt at the time.  As an example, did you know that:

If a reality TV show had 20 trillion words of dialog spoken and ran 24 hours a day, every day, it would last for 250 thousand years.

To help better communicate the size of a trillion, let’s look at the current national debt which stands at $22,535,028,300,000 or as your congressman or woman would put it, a little over $22 trillion.   There must be a better way to portray the enormously large $22 trillion debt so that it more effectively communicates the impact on taxpayers.

We offer you a new descriptive unit for the dollar other than “trillion.”  Drone DollarWe’re calling it drone dollars.  It’s the dollars each taxpayer owes for any proposal you hear from your congress-gender-non-specific person.  We use “drone” since so many taxpayers just wander through life guided by the “great ideas” from our politicians.  We even designed a symbol for it:

To calculate the drone dollars in terms of the national debt, take that debt and divide it by the number of taxpayers *:

Drone calc

Drone calc2


You get a national debt in drone dollars of $160,000.  So just like Howard Beale in Network, we want you to get up right now and go to the window, open it, stick your head out and yell “my share of the national debt is $160,000!”  Oh yeah, and “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!”

By the way, if you do decide to take a peak at the “live” national debt clock, note that it only takes 5 seconds to rack up your drone dollars – $160,000 .

Mad as hell yet?

*[Here we’re using the number of tax returns filed and yes we know it’s an average and yes we haven’t included the 9% collected from corporate taxes – which by the way comes from profits which come from sales which come from people.  And taxpayers are people.]


Apologies please

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goodwyn Comey Apology vlr 9-1-19

Comey expecting an apology after his integrity collapse was like John Wilkes Booth expecting Ford’s Theatre to apologize because the balcony was too high.  We scoured historical records to come up with the greatest examples of ego-driven apology requests, or at least those as we recalled them:

  • Hillary voters and their apology request from the pharmaceutical companies for not finding a cure for the embarrassing itch of TDS.
  • Harvey Weinstein’s request for an apology from Hollywood actresses for taking advantage of his connections.
  • Never-Trumpers need an apology from the DNC for putting up such a horrible presidential candidate to run against Trump.
  • Bill Clinton’s need for an apology from the U.S. House for his impeachment.  It was perjury.  It’s not like he was weaponizing the government against another candidate.
  • Hillary needs an apology from EVERYONE for ruining her presidential coronation.  Perhaps someday we’ll write a four part post in tabular form listing each of those who owe her an apology and the reasons why.
  • Jeffrey Epstein needs an apology from MADP (Mothers Against Drunk Perverts) for wanting chaperones on the Lolita Express.
  • U.S. Rep. Hank Johnson needs an apology from God for building Guam so it could tip over.
  • Obama needs an apology from Biden for running for president and helping to ruin BO’s legacy.
Finally, one apology we’d like to see is from the mainstream media for their relentless push for Russian collusion.  On that one, we apologize for not holding our breath.