Apologies please

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goodwyn Comey Apology vlr 9-1-19

Comey expecting an apology after his integrity collapse was like John Wilkes Booth expecting Ford’s Theatre to apologize because the balcony was too high.  We scoured historical records to come up with the greatest examples of ego-driven apology requests, or at least those as we recalled them:

  • Hillary voters and their apology request from the pharmaceutical companies for not finding a cure for the embarrassing itch of TDS.
  • Harvey Weinstein’s request for an apology from Hollywood actresses for taking advantage of his connections.
  • Never-Trumpers need an apology from the DNC for putting up such a horrible presidential candidate to run against Trump.
  • Bill Clinton’s need for an apology from the U.S. House for his impeachment.  It was perjury.  It’s not like he was weaponizing the government against another candidate.
  • Hillary needs an apology from EVERYONE for ruining her presidential coronation.  Perhaps someday we’ll write a four part post in tabular form listing each of those who owe her an apology and the reasons why.
  • Jeffrey Epstein needs an apology from MADP (Mothers Against Drunk Perverts) for wanting chaperones on the Lolita Express.
  • U.S. Rep. Hank Johnson needs an apology from God for building Guam so it could tip over.
  • Obama needs an apology from Biden for running for president and helping to ruin BO’s legacy.
Finally, one apology we’d like to see is from the mainstream media for their relentless push for Russian collusion.  On that one, we apologize for not holding our breath.