The pot calling the kettle racist

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goodwyn BDS vlr 8-30-19


Foot in mouth accidentally on purpose

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The Fowl Chef

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Community outreach Hamas style

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Day of Rage lr

Aren’t the media something.  They’ve had quite a week.  Only they could boost Hamas, MS-13 and Stormy onto a pedestal over such a short period of time.

Even Planned Parenthood got into the act admonishing Trump for his animals comment.  “This moment calls for the President to do serious self-reflection” said Cecile Richards, former president of Planned Parenthood.   I do believe Ms Richards should sit this one out.  After all, it takes a rather callous soul to not consider a little self-reflection after performing over 300,000 abortions each year.  That’s millions over the many years it’s been in existence.  Mao would be proud.  They’ve likely surpassed the number of people he killed.


Pot meet kettle

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Toilet lr

Advice from Kerry

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He should should know about meddling in Iran