Media collaborates to show Trump how much they don’t collaborate… or something like that

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First there’s no doubt in our mind that Trump hates bad news, that he thinks it’s a direct reflection on him and will say and tweet what he feels is necessary to discredit the offending media source.  Some would say he down right lies, others that it’s hyperbole.  But many also recognize that the media have been using their position as the fourth estate (a lost concept, by the way, over the previous eight years) to twist and turn stories that any unbiased person would recognize as clear bias.

Early on in the Trump administration an obvious example of bias was seen.  How early?  Trump’s first day.  He was being observed by the media while getting organized in the oval office. One media rep from the press pool noted that the MLK bust was gone and notified the other reporters (btw, a press pool member provides insights for other press members since the oval office has limited space).  Later though the reporter had to walk the claim back because the bust was actually there.  So instead of reporting on an historic day, the reporter desperately jumped on the first indiscretion he could … imagine.  But gee, we can understand how difficult it would have been to verify his reporting.  Do you know how much work it would have been to look around the whole oval office?!

And it continues today.  You can’t read the front page of a major newspaper and not see as many adjectives and adverbs as there are coming out of a night school creative writing course.  Whatever happened to who, what, where, and when?  Now instead of the four W’s we get the four B’s: bias, bloviate, bluster, and bellow.


Why do I even know who Omarosa is?

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So Trump fired Omarosa and Omarosa is now following the Jim Comey path of post-Trump financial fortune by telling her side of the story in book form.  And you can trust her on what she says because she secretly used recording devices in violation of national security.

Shocker of all shockers, Trump cranked up the name calling.  Omarosa is now a dog.  She joins a long list of “dogs” including Ted Cruz, Mitt Romney, Arrianna Huffington and General James Mattis.  Of course Mattis himself goes by “Mad Dog.”

In the case of Omarosa, we have one question, who let the dog in?  Trump’s hired many that had to later be fired but this particular staff addition was baffling.  We’ve identified a few other ill-advised hirings for Trump to consider if he’s looking to top the addition of Omarosa.  We’ve even provided thoughts on how they could serve the White House.

  • Maxine Waters – Office of Science and Technology
  • Whoopi Goldberg – Economics Council
  • Jim Acosta – Public Liaison
  • Michael Moore – National Security
  • Jane Fonda – Veterans Affairs
  • Alec Baldwin – Dog walker
  • Jeb Bush – Council of Fitness
  • Robert DeNiro Secret Service
  • Chuck Schumer – Housekeeping

The next star will be for Hypocrasy

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Run to the border

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In light of this past weekend’s level of violence…South of the Border lr

Chipotle at it again

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ecoli-burritoIt looks as though Chipotle is allowing us to recycle the old cartoon above.  They’re back in the news again with more tainted burritos.  To deal with this problem once and for all, we suggest a name change.  Get the ecoli out of Chipotle.  The name would then become hptOr as we’d call it, High Protein Toxins.

Do you like getting skewed by pollsters?

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A recent poll noted that by 2043 non-whites would be in the majority in the U.S. and asked “Is that mostly good or mostly bad?” No “doesn’t matter” choice.  You have to pick good or bad.  Half of Republicans surveyed said “mostly bad.” Step outside and you can probably hear the screams that Republicans are racists.

But! Ask any racial group what they’d think if they were in either the majority or the minority (and given no other choices) many would say mostly good if they’re in the majority, mostly bad otherwise.

So we’d like to conduct our own poll.  Only one question, have you stopped beating your wife with a puppy while committing on-line fraud against St. Teresa’s Academy for the Homeless and then investing that money in cages for children who’ve been ripped from their parents arms by ICE using the jaws-of-life lubricated with baby seal oil?  Yes or no