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The British are leaving! The British are leaving!

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You have to feel for the Brit’s in THEIR quest for independence.  The recent Brexit vote was significant.  Stay with the EU for short term stability and long term dependence or leave for the sake of independence and ensure a rash of short term challenges while impacting almost the entire planet.  Anyone in the US with a 401K felt a bit of a jolt with the recent vote to bolt.

So why did they leave?  Despite a number of articles in the Sunday, 6/26/16 edition of the Washington Post on the impact of the vote to leave, there was an interesting article on the motivating factors entitled “7 reasons why some Europeans hate the E.U.”  After reading the article it should have been called “7 reasons Europeans should hate the E.U.”  The following are those seven, excerpted from the article.

  1.  Pay for E.U. Bureaucrats.  EU employees get paid generous wages with special, minimal taxes.  In 2014, many mid-level EU workers made more than David Cameron, the British Prime Minister.  That’d be like having our own Congress voting on their own raises and exempting themselves from the laws they write.  Oh wait, never mind.
  2. Wasteful Travel.  The EU operates out of Brussels, but the European Parliament can only meet in full session in Strasbourg, France, once a month requiring 10,000 EU staff, lobbyists and journalists to travel there.  Imagine if “Congress could only pass laws one week a month – and it needed to do it in Cleveland.”
  3. Overreaching Regulation.  An example is legislation on how curved a banana can be. Let’s call that one Brexit bolts over bent banana brouhaha.
  4. Lack of Accountability.  Decisions are made behind closed doors.  After all no one wants to see sausage made… or as we call it in the US, health care laws. Remember “we have to vote for it to know what’s in it.”?
  5. Ignoring Rejections from Voters.  Apparently if the EU doesn’t get what it wants through the ballot box, it just goes ahead and does it anyway.  An example of this was the Lisbon Treaty that implemented many changes  originally voted down in France and the Netherlands.
  6. A Babylon of Costly Translations. There are 24 official languages within the EU and nearly every EU document must be translated into all 24.  It takes over 5000 people to pull that off.  Although reading between the lines is only required in 12 languages.
  7. Unnecessary Bureaucracy.  Every EU member gets a full compliment of agencies to weigh down the system.  But if you think about it, it’s not surprising.  Telling all of those countries how they must conduct themselves couldn’t be cheap.

All of these makes a very compelling argument for bailing out of EU’s version of a one-world nation.  Of course you might not have known that unless you dug down to page 13 at the bottom half of the page to find the article.  The Sunday Washington Post ran out room on it’s cover with it’s in-depth coverage of Obama impersonators.

Hillary’s newly discovered lies

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A few tongue-in-cheek Hillary lies that were recently uncovered.

“Actually, I was named after Hillary Duff.”


“Let me be clear, my vote on the 2002 Iraq Was was to not disallow the non-peaceful contrary efforts at un-destablizing pro-antimilitary action.”


Anytime she begins with “Let me be clear…”


“Truth be told, I was actually taking fire from an angry mob slinging baba ghanoush.”


Anytime she begins with “Truth be told…”


“I’m so pro-woman that I’m wearing a fat suit just to help me relate to body-conscious ladies.”


“Really, what happened was I thought ‘server’ meant personal butler.”


“I have a deep connection with the average working people of this great nation who are dead broke like me.”


“We will mercilessly defeat the energetic non-denominational radical extremists through a heightened plea for inter-faith calm and reconciliation.”


“Ha ha ha ha cackle snort snort cackle”


“I’m shocked.”


“If I like my email server, I can keep my email server.”


“We came, we saw, Gaddafi died.  What’s the worst that can happen?


“I actually preferred a watch-your-step-or-I-might-unload-a-can-of-overseas-contingency-on-your-ass button instead of a reset button.”


“I really miss Vince Foster.”



Pandering, er, I mean tours.

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Now that the presumptive presidential nominee for the Democrats knows who’s she’ll be running against, she’s going “touring” again.  First “listening” and now “breaking down barriers.”  We thought we’d offer up a few tours that will likely be high on Hillary’s list of tour topics.

  1. Kill Coal Industry Tour (unless I’m in West Virginia then Go Mountaineers Tour)

  2. Make America Average Again Tour

  3. My God, Can’t We Keep the Bimbos From Bill Tour

  4. Bernie is Such a Pussy Tour

  5. Watch Me Finish Bernie Off Like Roman Gladiator Against a Peasant Tour

  6. Never Poor Again Tour

  7. Hurry To The White House Before the Ghosts of Politics Past Come Back to Haunt Me Tour

  8. Where’s MY “Tingle-up-the-leg” Moment? Tour

  9. Can’t Blame You Bill, I’d Do Her Too Tour

  10. The Frank Underwood’s An Amatuer Tour

  11. Inappropriate Cackling Tour

  12. Pantsuit on Fire Tour

  13. Opaque Transparency Tour

  14. Transparent Opaque Tour

  15. Dammit Just Coronate Me Already Tour

Never mind, she’s already rolling along on all of these tours at once.  Let’s just call it the Tour Tour.

How to get away with murder

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Choose your victim carefully.



Hillary’s finding her message

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Todays Campaign

Hillary may be finally honing in on just the right language to appease the remote left.  Bernie has certainly aided her with his free stuff message, but she’s also done well vilifying the right.  The bad, racist, misogynist, and greedy right.  Stay tuned for her to make hay with the Senate’s refusal to consider Judge Garland’s nomination.  Absent in that discussion will be the play book on judicial nominee stonewalling written by Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Ted Kennedy, Dick Durbin and Chuck Schumer.  We even have a new verb coined by democrats to summarize the process, to “bork.”

Absent in her message is anything on national security.  She and her supporters would disagree with that though.  After all the greatest threat, according to that distant left thinking mindset, is climate change.

Election perspectives

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Quite a contrast between Iraq elections of a decade ago and those today in America.