Kids and this new foolishness they call playing outdoors.

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It’s hard to imagine that it took a video game to get kids back outdoors, as well as a few millennials.  While outdoors, we’re hoping they can keep a keen eye out for a few things that haven’t been seen in a very long time:

  • Trump’s humility
  • Hillary’s emails
  • Reverence to elders
  • Truth out of Hillary’s mouth
  • Trump’s dignity
  • Dryer-consumed socks
  • Honest media
  • An attention span
  • Respect for law enforcement
  • Obama’s foreign policy
  • Term limits for congress
  • A third party with a chance
  • Working turn signals
  • Gentleman behavior
  • Road politeness
  • Thick skin

Good luck kids.  Just stay off my lawn.

Can an app make Hillary vanish?

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HillaryMon Go Pokemon

Hillarymon Go