The trouble with Hillary

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In 1992 Bill Clinton had the charisma thing but he also had the message thing.  His message was “It’s the economy stupid.”  Hillary isn’t Bill, and it may be partly due to the Bernie thing.  Bernie Sanders, promising everything to everyone, well, at least as much as 18 trillion in new spending according to The Wall Street Journal, started making poor Hillary look down right conservative.  How can Hillary compete?  So instead of a focus, she’s spinning wildly, like a grandmother with her finger locked down on the trigger of an automatic weapon, spraying bullets in every direction, unable to relax her grip.  Her focus so far includes climate change, LGBT rights, gun control, free college, minimum wage, family leave, path to citizenship, and even UFO’s.  Taken one at a time, they’re phenomenal liberal causes.  Taken as a collective list of goals, it’s just plain socialism.

If Hillary does manage to hone in on one target to focus her campaign, the going may still be tough.  There’s still the charisma thing.

2 thoughts on “The trouble with Hillary

    Little Voice said:
    February 26, 2016 at 10:47 pm

    Thank you for following my blog. Welcome.


    Annie said:
    February 27, 2016 at 10:01 pm

    “Hillary isn’t Bill, and that may be partly due to the Bernie thing. Partly, but she’s not the politicitician, chameleon, schmoozer, lady’s man-heck, she’s no lady’s girl even! She brought all the negatives that Bill was able to hide so well, to the table and included so many of her own.

    What could those be? Language that would make a sailor blush, Travelgate, Watergate and File-gate were all her own. Dip____ bill still hadn’t learned his lesson (that maybe his wife couldn’t be trusted and he couldn’t fathom that maybe his wife had been bitten by the great big incompetency bug) so he let her try-and FLOP she did, Hillary care. How many thousands and milions of our dollars will we have to pony up before Bill says “shut-up” to himself?


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