Democrats distance themselves

Time to exit stage left

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The Democrats have been successful in getting the country to focus on statues instead of less important things like North Korea’s nuclear ambition, an improving economy, and a stock market boom.  Gone are the two hurricanes in 2017 that bolstered the global warming freak-out (even though it had been a record 12 years since a major hurricane hit the US).

But now Hillary’s pulling the proverbial bandaid off the Democrats’ wound of a 2016 election over and over and over, as if Groundhog Day was a disaster movie instead of a comedy.

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Obviously it’s human nature to assume that your failures are not your own but instead due to forces beyond your control.  We all have frequent experiences with losing, and most of us as adults are smart enough to realize that it’s usually due to an unlucky break, bad timing or someone just flat out beat us.  Now the Democrats’ are reaping the participation-trophy mentality, and when that trophy doesn’t materialize, well it just must be someone else’s sinister doing.

Like Star Wars, where its thesis is rooted in the “force”, there exists an all-powerful supernatural tension, but with a slight alteration.  The “farce” is strong in this one.