Why do I even know who Omarosa is?

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Omarosa lr

So Trump fired Omarosa and Omarosa is now following the Jim Comey path of post-Trump financial fortune by telling her side of the story in book form.  And you can trust her on what she says because she secretly used recording devices in violation of national security.

Shocker of all shockers, Trump cranked up the name calling.  Omarosa is now a dog.  She joins a long list of “dogs” including Ted Cruz, Mitt Romney, Arrianna Huffington and General James Mattis.  Of course Mattis himself goes by “Mad Dog.”

In the case of Omarosa, we have one question, who let the dog in?  Trump’s hired many that had to later be fired but this particular staff addition was baffling.  We’ve identified a few other ill-advised hirings for Trump to consider if he’s looking to top the addition of Omarosa.  We’ve even provided thoughts on how they could serve the White House.

  • Maxine Waters – Office of Science and Technology
  • Whoopi Goldberg – Economics Council
  • Jim Acosta – Public Liaison
  • Michael Moore – National Security
  • Jane Fonda – Veterans Affairs
  • Alec Baldwin – Dog walker
  • Jeb Bush – Council of Fitness
  • Robert DeNiro Secret Service
  • Chuck Schumer – Housekeeping

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