Boorish behavior no longer tolerated

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Swift action for violators by Congress.

As a nation, we were founded on morals, integrity and respect for our fellow man… and woman. Over the past several decades though, sexualizing of our society by Hollywood and the media has eroded innocence to the point where a recent article in Teen Vogue titled Anal Sex: What You Need to Know/How to do it the RIGHT Way is actually an article in Teen Vogue (7/7/17).  But isn’t that the definition of Progressive; being morally repugnant while teaching us how to take it in the a$$?

That pendulum though may be hurtling back in the opposite direction due to the #metoo movement.  It’s the metaphorical snowball rolling downhill, quickly gaining size, speed and hence momentum, on its way to taking out power players in Hollywood, the media and Congress.


Franken b

Senator Al Franken wears the latest in incapacitation business attire at a recent Senate hearing.


Damsels have found confidence in knowing what is right, what is acceptable, and where hands must be kept at all times, hint: pockets, men’s own pockets, men’s own pockets without any rummaging around down there. And for those men who dare cross the line between professional and prurient, punishment is being doled out swiftly.

As a result of Senator Al Franken’s misdeeds he is resigning his seat in Congress at some undisclosed date that may or may not hinge on how long “this whole Victorian, self-righteous attitude lasts before they go back to, dog-gone-it, liking me” phase.

In the meantime, a new dress code has been established for those members of Congress suspected of getting a little handsy with the weaker sex. During his resignation speech Senator Franken modeled the latest in incapacitation business wear, now referred to as the Franken Frock… to keep him and other uncontrollable congressional culprits from doing the Franken Fondle, Franken Feel and the Franken French.

So be warned you lecherous men, who up to this point think that your open mouths, hands and bath robes provide a welcomed signal to women that inhibitions should be left at the door; punishments are becoming severe and only matched by the swiftness with which the retribution occurs.  The Congressional Women’s Caucus is deep in discussions on other infractions including winking, staring, drooling and for the pants suit sub-caucus, wedgies.

Franken Frock

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