Fire and fury and sticks and stones

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Fire and Fury lr

If Trump’s not careful, his fire and fury comment directed at a deranged dictator who’s starved for attention may end up coming across more like Obama’s red line.  You likely recall that Obama warned Asad not to cross that imaginary line under penalty of, well, fire and fury.  It appeared for awhile that dictator Kim was swayed by the tough talk when he backed away from the Guam threats.  Trump should have taken that as a victory, instead of encouragement to taunt him some more.

Now the world stage has been transformed into a grade school playground where even the brightest fifth grader can’t come up with an original nickname for his tether ball hogging nemesis.  Rocket Man?  Really? We already know that Kim Jong-un hates to be called Kim Fatty.  Rocket Man just seems like a step up from there.  You could call him Fatty Bottle Rocket Boy, Fatty McRound Squat, Baby Fat Kimmy,… of course, someone of Trump’s girth may want to stay away from the fat jokes.

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