Nazis are bad

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Uber just recently sent it’s patrons an email declaring the following:

“We were horrified by the neo-Nazi demonstration that took place in Charlottesville…  There is simply no place for this type of bigotry, discrimination, and hate.”

Good to see Uber bravely going on the record that they don’t support Nazis.  Actually, other than a couple hundred people in the entire country, we’re fairly certain that that’s the general consensus of all Americans.  We’re curious though why Uber needed to add the words this type of before “bigotry, discrimination and hate.”  One possible conclusion is that other types of bigotry, discrimination and hate are just fine.


The fact that those following Nazi values have such extreme bigotry and hate isn’t surprising, we just didn’t know that it was only matched by their hate for mosquitoes.


Just for the record, since we’re all being brave in our declarations against the Nazis and anything they may stand for, we at the Confederacy of Drones consider them vile, ignorant, attention starved clowns who’s values are far from the values that all other Americans hold dear.  But we’ll go one step further and state that all bigotry, discrimination and hate is equally repugnant no matter who’s preaching it.  Too bad Uber wasn’t brave enough to say that.


One thought on “Nazis are bad

    Anonymous said:
    August 21, 2017 at 6:36 am

    I hear Pres Bush; “All discrimination is bad, bad!”

    Cheers! Jeff


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