Miles of paper on Kavanaugh

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The request for 3 million pages of Kavanaugh’s previous documents, that by the way, don’t include his 300 opinions that Senators already have in their possession for review, seems a bit excessive.  But considering the usual amount of paper generated by the globe’s greatest paper mill, maybe that’s not really as much as it sounds.

Let’s put Congress through a little exercise.

We’ll personally collect up those 3 million pages if Congress will lay them side-by-side and walk along this “paper trail” reading into Judge Kavanaugh’s inner-most thoughts.  How far of a walk will this be?  Would it reach from the Capital building to the Lincoln Memorial?  And how many pounds of fat would be melted off during this bureaucratic trek?  If we can get Congress out for a little walk, it’s a twofer; a little exercise for our nation’s leaders while getting the nation’s work accomplished.

The walk would actually be a little farther than the National Mall’s grassy stretch.  In fact, the Capture2path would extend for 403 miles.  That’s a walk from Washington, DC to Shrewsbury, MA!  Recall how Obamacare was too big for our lawmakers to read.  Kavanaugh’s documents clock in at the equivalent of 1,500 Obamacares.

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