The other border crossers

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Perhaps one way to encourage the Democrats to begin caring about illegal border crossings is for Trump to declare July 4th as Opioid Open Border Day.  We think that’d be a twofer.  One, liberals would demand Trump do something about the porous border, and two,… they’d instantly find patriotism.

Liberals appear to determine their freak-out issue of the day by one of two means.  Either their outrage is calibrated based on what Trump does and hence they must move 180 degrees in opposition, or, and more frequently, they’ve been caught in a scandal, and require a deflection-issue.  Take for example the Horowitz’s Congressional testimony which brought to light at least four FBI personnel involved in the Hillary and Trump investigations with extreme biases for Hillary and against Trump.  We’d call that a monumental scandal.

Apparently though, today’s shiny object for the media is Melania’s-raincoat-message scandal.  Maybe they got bored showing pictures of children caged during Obama’s administration.


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