G7 faces and the stories behind them

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Translation:  Who farted.

If you relied entirely on the still photos captured during the G7 summit you might think that all participants were either disgusted with one particular participant or the cabbage and baked beans were a little too potent for leadership digestive systems.  Take for example the viral photo below of Trump and other yanks in what appears to be a contentious discussion.  Perhaps Trump asked Angela if she and Hillary shopped at the same plus-size pant suit store.


Reality just might be something different.  Here’s another photo taken about the same time.


We suspect that the picture’s a little blurry due to the camera immediately being pulled from the cameraman before the shutter was completely closed.  The nerve, didn’t he realize a happy, congenial G7 photo was verboten.

In reality we think this blurry one was taken first, immediately followed by a wafting fragrance of methane, cabbage and overcooked broccoli as it overtakes the group, even requiring John Bolton to begin breathing through his mouth.  All looked stunned except one person.  We believe the culprit who dealt it is obvious due to the sly grin as he establishes an “air” of dominance.


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