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Dallas Salute

Happy 4th of July

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Have a great Independence Day weekend!


The British are leaving! The British are leaving!

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You have to feel for the Brit’s in THEIR quest for independence.  The recent Brexit vote was significant.  Stay with the EU for short term stability and long term dependence or leave for the sake of independence and ensure a rash of short term challenges while impacting almost the entire planet.  Anyone in the US with a 401K felt a bit of a jolt with the recent vote to bolt.

So why did they leave?  Despite a number of articles in the Sunday, 6/26/16 edition of the Washington Post on the impact of the vote to leave, there was an interesting article on the motivating factors entitled “7 reasons why some Europeans hate the E.U.”  After reading the article it should have been called “7 reasons Europeans should hate the E.U.”  The following are those seven, excerpted from the article.

  1.  Pay for E.U. Bureaucrats.  EU employees get paid generous wages with special, minimal taxes.  In 2014, many mid-level EU workers made more than David Cameron, the British Prime Minister.  That’d be like having our own Congress voting on their own raises and exempting themselves from the laws they write.  Oh wait, never mind.
  2. Wasteful Travel.  The EU operates out of Brussels, but the European Parliament can only meet in full session in Strasbourg, France, once a month requiring 10,000 EU staff, lobbyists and journalists to travel there.  Imagine if “Congress could only pass laws one week a month – and it needed to do it in Cleveland.”
  3. Overreaching Regulation.  An example is legislation on how curved a banana can be. Let’s call that one Brexit bolts over bent banana brouhaha.
  4. Lack of Accountability.  Decisions are made behind closed doors.  After all no one wants to see sausage made… or as we call it in the US, health care laws. Remember “we have to vote for it to know what’s in it.”?
  5. Ignoring Rejections from Voters.  Apparently if the EU doesn’t get what it wants through the ballot box, it just goes ahead and does it anyway.  An example of this was the Lisbon Treaty that implemented many changes  originally voted down in France and the Netherlands.
  6. A Babylon of Costly Translations. There are 24 official languages within the EU and nearly every EU document must be translated into all 24.  It takes over 5000 people to pull that off.  Although reading between the lines is only required in 12 languages.
  7. Unnecessary Bureaucracy.  Every EU member gets a full compliment of agencies to weigh down the system.  But if you think about it, it’s not surprising.  Telling all of those countries how they must conduct themselves couldn’t be cheap.

All of these makes a very compelling argument for bailing out of EU’s version of a one-world nation.  Of course you might not have known that unless you dug down to page 13 at the bottom half of the page to find the article.  The Sunday Washington Post ran out room on it’s cover with it’s in-depth coverage of Obama impersonators.

Focus on Islam

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But how is Michelle coping?

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The world wonders, not about how terrorism is threatening almost every country across the globe, not about the high level of poverty right here in our own country, not about the record number of people on food stamps, or the stagnant economy.  The world wonders how Michelle is coping.

Layla Al-Ani a widow living in Muatassam, Iraq, where women are treated as property and sharia law rules the day, recently spoke out, with approval from her uncle, about her incarceration and torture.

“I know that as bad as things are, Michelle is really the one suffering”, said Layla.  “Her strength in overcoming this thing they call micro-aggression is inspiring.  It will provide me much needed encouragement to know that while receiving my 100 lashes for being raped, my petty troubles are nothing compared to Michelle’s life in a  house that slaves helped to build.”

The struggle for independence is an iconic theme that permeates the fabric of the United States of America.  That struggle continues with little appreciation given to the greatest struggles known, those endured by the current first lady.  We never fully appreciated how difficult it is to be Michelle.  Having to keep up the brave face as she’s  forced to travel to exotic locations and eat in the finest restaurants.  And the clothing she’s made to wear, don’t get us started on that barbaric expectation.  It’s particularly telling when she’s overheard saying

” #@%& Barry, maybe I don’t want to spend another $10 million on vacations this year.  Can’t I just spend that on my own island like everyone else?”  

No wonder Michelle comes across as entitled, like the country owes her more than she’s given to it.  Let’s all begin to appreciate her oppression and persecution.  Perhaps one day we’ll understand what we owe Michelle and she can at last be proud of this country.

Hillary’s newly discovered lies

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A few tongue-in-cheek Hillary lies that were recently uncovered.

“Actually, I was named after Hillary Duff.”


“Let me be clear, my vote on the 2002 Iraq Was was to not disallow the non-peaceful contrary efforts at un-destablizing pro-antimilitary action.”


Anytime she begins with “Let me be clear…”


“Truth be told, I was actually taking fire from an angry mob slinging baba ghanoush.”


Anytime she begins with “Truth be told…”


“I’m so pro-woman that I’m wearing a fat suit just to help me relate to body-conscious ladies.”


“Really, what happened was I thought ‘server’ meant personal butler.”


“I have a deep connection with the average working people of this great nation who are dead broke like me.”


“We will mercilessly defeat the energetic non-denominational radical extremists through a heightened plea for inter-faith calm and reconciliation.”


“Ha ha ha ha cackle snort snort cackle”


“I’m shocked.”


“If I like my email server, I can keep my email server.”


“We came, we saw, Gaddafi died.  What’s the worst that can happen?


“I actually preferred a watch-your-step-or-I-might-unload-a-can-of-overseas-contingency-on-your-ass button instead of a reset button.”


“I really miss Vince Foster.”



Remembering on Memorial Day

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Memorial Day

From all of us here at Confederacy of Drones, have a great Memorial Day and remember why we take time this time out of our busy schedules.